3 vitamins that will change your life

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 [Not just flintstones gummies]

So, vitamins. Super exciting, I know! But seriously. I know when I first was introduced the idea of vitamins and supplements,  the extent of my vitamins were just the little gummy vitamins.

Once I started adding these supplements into my daily regimen, I started seeing a serious spike in my health. I'd even venture to say some of these have saved my life (along with CoQ10 and slow-release magnesium). I would also start recommending these as well to certain friends, and they've seen a change in energy, digestion, mood, etc. Who knew something just at CVS can change your life?

1. Probiotics

Okay, so probiotics are not technically vitamins, but for the sake of this, we'll call it one :)

DID YOU KNOW-- over 70% of your immune system is in your digestive system?

Therefore-- good digestive system=less colds, flus, and even less prone to cancer and other harmful diseases.

There is such a thing as good digestive bacteria-- this can be found in places like yogurt, Kombucha tea, etc. I've had friends that have taken probiotics and can now eat dairy and gluten again, and some friends that have had recurring ulcers haven't had one since.

Jarrow Formulas                     Jarro-Dophilus Eps 5 BILLION, 120.0 Each , Veggie Caps

If you even feel a stomachache or food poisoning coming up, you can take a ton of these (think 7)-- I know a couple who went to a wedding where everyone got food poisoning. As soon as they heard about people getting sick, they took a lot of these and were the only ones who didn't get sick! (If only the poor bride & groom knew!)

The top brands I'd recommend are Jarro-Dophilus EPS and Metagenics-Ultra Flora Balance.

NOTE: It's important to alternate probiotic products back and forth every four months or so-- that way, you'll be getting some different bacteria in your system and you don't become desensitized to specific bacteria formulas.

2.  Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a tricky vitamin. Since most blood tests will only count you as D-deficient if you have more than 30% of the recommended amount of D in your system. However, many health practitioners recommend a minimum of 50% or even 70% to reap all of the benefits. A vast majority of people struggling with depression and anxiety are often found to have depleted levels of D.

So, when you have your blood work done, ask to see the blood work! We realized I was at a meager 32% of my necessary D and was desperately in need of a D boost.

This is a vitamin that where over 75% of Americans are deficient- hello, desk jobs! In addition to helping boost your mood and increasing calcium absorption, taking Vitamin D can decrease your chance of cancer, depression, diabetes-- the list goes on & on.  Fellow cold weather dwellers: MAKE SURE to take this in the winter when you're not getting enough sunshine!

Since this is a fat-soluble vitamin, make sure to watch you intake & to not take more than 5000IU a day. And, only take that if you're seriously deficient.

Since we're trying to get my levels way up, I take a prescribed D from my doctor. Another great brand most recommended by physicians is NatureMade.

3. Fish Oil

Fish oil and its subsequent EPAs and DHAs are essential for 2 things: heart health & brain/nervous system health. It's also an anti-inflammatory, meaning you'll also get sick less often & your joints will thank you for it. Bonus: It'll also help prevent acne and give you more beautiful skin.

I'd really recommend Nordic Naturals since it has high concentrations of EPA/DHA (not watered down), and it's safe and triple-checked there are no high concentrations of heavy metals.

note: this are all personal opinions that are not meant to take place of your health practitioner. see a healthcare professional before implementing any new supplements to your diet on a regular basis.