6 cheap at-home detoxes

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At any stage in life, detoxing. is. key. Especially if/when you're sick.  I have to detox every other day, if not every day, to stay healthy these days! A lot of times I see special detoxes that require me to spend $200 or fast for five days. No, thank you. Neither is healthy for my body or checkbook! So, I've compiled some of the most effective and inexpensive ways to get rid of those everyday toxins.

In order to detox, liver function is absolutely key so it can get rid of all of the toxins, pesticides, molds, and heavy metals we're exposed to on a daily basis.

Some people think detoxing is something only done at spas, but by working these six things into routines, or even using every once in a while, is extremely useful to help a) protect you from viruses, colds, & the flu b) more serious illnesses, and c) even help relieve chronic headaches and low energy.

1. Milk Thistle: Milk thistle, or Silymarin, is essential for healthy liver function. You may find it under Silymarin, but you'll want to find one that's at least 80% Silymarin since that's most effective. One of the best brands I've heard of is the NOW brand of Silymarin.

 2. Dandelion Root tea: It may sound crazy, but dandelion root tea has been proven in medical studeis to help improve liver/digestive function. Most grocery stores carry it these days, but the best tea brand is Traditional Medicinals (for most herbal teas, for that matter, too).

3. Epsom Salt Baths: I love Epsom salt for many reasons: 1) it WORKS. 2) it's CHEAP, and 3) you can get it pretty much anywhere. So, for any healthy body to function, magnesium is key-- I'm a huge proponent of magnesium supplements (slow-release are my favorites, like Slow-Mag), but that's for another time. If you're looking to detox quickly, epsom salt baths are ideal since they pull out toxins from the most important external organ: your skin! Since epsom salt has a high magnesium concentration that your body consumes post-bath, these can help boost your energy almost immediately-- and are also awesome for sore muscles.

For best results, don't just start with a cup, otherwise your body may kick into a herx and may make you feel worse. Here's how I recommend starting:

-1/4 Cup Epsom Salt

-1/4 cup Baking Soda

-5-10 drops essential oils of your choice (lavender can be best to help relieve headaches, but peppermint is good as well)

-Sit at least for 30 minutes for desired effect.

Once you've done that, work your way up by 1/4 cup every other time (I'd say to take a bath every other day at the most, otherwise it will dry out your skin) to when you're 2 cups in.

4. Oil Pulling: If you haven't heard of oil pulling, this is when you use a natural oil (like olive oil or coconut oil) and basically swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes. That's it! It makes your teeth whiter, mouth cleaner, and pulls a ton of toxins out from your body. Just make sure to spit out and rinse after no longer than 20 mins so you don't reabsorb any toxins!

Oil Pulling, The Fabulist

5. Lemon Juice: Drinking a glass of water with a half to a whole lemon squeezed in 30 minutes before a meal can help with your liver digestion-- you only need to do this once a day to achieve the desired effect.

6. Water!

This may really sound obvious, but water is one the single best ways to detox your body- it helps flush out all of the "bad stuff," especially out of your liver. For my treatment, it requires me to drink at the very least 2-3 liters of water per day. Otherwise, patients aren't expected to improve. That's how important it is! Soda, coffee, or Kombucha does not count, either (herbal tea does).

PS: If you haven't heard of a healing crisis/herx reaction, some of this may give you a headache the first goaround or two.  It's okay! It should subside within 48 hours or so. Mine usually subside in 12-24.

And...that's it! Do you have any ideas for other detoxing? Let me know in the comments!

Happy detoxing!