a honey + vinegar winter

winter hello friends!

hope you all are having the best start to your new year -- can you believe it's already february?!

things are staying busy here. i went to new york last week, and it was just the best.

ah, home.

Ah, home.

nothing like long chats, cozy diners, and good friends. 

I hit the ground running health-wise as soon as I got home. I've had TONS of doctor's appointments last week. just standard check-ups -- but some encouraging things, too. for once, i feel so confident in my medical team: lyme-literate main doc, neurologist, cardiologist, primary care, geneticist, and ND. more on that later!

on another note: i never thought i'd say this, but i actually don't hate winter.

i love the quiet of the city, the [light] snow (let's not get crazy here), and intimate conversations among friends while we sip tea and eat goat cheese biscuits with blackberry jam. the city seems to slow down as do people. and...it's great excuse to read and listen to sufjan stevens by the fire.

so, i made a playlist of some of my favorite winter songs as of late on the spotify. enjoy!



any songs you want to add? let me know!

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