joy in all things

If I have to do something, I want to do it well. So, here's the thing: I believe God has entrusted this disease (okay, more like diseases) to me. So if I'm going to fight, I want to fight well.

So, my question and challenge to you, fellow #Lymies: what are practical ways we can face this with joy?

Is that developing deep relationships with fellow patients and administrative staff, instead of just marching in and out with dread for our next treatment?

Do we make GF and refined sugar free baked goods to share with other patients?

Do we create a support group for others in the area?

Do we have a dance party in the parking lot once our PICC lines are out and inviting others to join?

Is it decorating our wheelchairs?

Do we create something beautiful to have hung in the office?

We are small, feeble creatures yet a powerful voice for good.  You tell me, friends: how can we face this with joy?

I'm open to ideas.

<3 elise