One step forward, two steps back

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Well, things were going quite well for a while!

A long time ago, I learned to accept "good days" as gifts and accept them with no further conditions. They are what they are- wonderful yet fleeting things. However, the Lord is gracious to give me these because it gives me hope-- what it feels like to feel normal and healthy at some points. For that, I am thankful.

At some point towards the end of last week, I started to feel worse. Really quickly. All of the old symptoms started to come back with a vengeance-- even though I was still taking the Lyme-fighting stuff. I couldn't walk in a straight line, I had severe exhaustion, stopped eating, sharp headaches, etc.

Fast forward to this past Monday, when the doctor discovered I have another Lyme co-infection that was lying dormant, Bartonella (we already knew I had Babesia, the neurological infection + the main Lyme one as well). Basically, when you start fighting off Lyme, you begin to discover other infections that were lying dormant because the biofilm covers it so well when you don't produce antibodies. However, multiple co-infections are the norm, especially among women.

So, what does this mean?

a) Even though it does slow down my recovery time a bit and is not ideal, it can happen among with a lot of patients and it's a part of the sawtooth recovery (see last post).

b) I have my test flights next Tuesday and Wednesday. Please pray head swelling goes down and the flight goes smoothly so I can be all set to go back to NYC!

c) So, this is round two, and it's even more difficult this time around. Please keep the prayers and encouragement coming!

I'm slowly on the mend again, so please keep the prayers a' comin'! And while you're at it, I'd love to know how to pray for you lovely people. It's my favorite pastime during tests and treatments! :)

Anyways, once this is over, we can then focus on more fun things like finally nailing Sweet Child O' Mine on the mandolin and my impending Price is Right tryout.

All joy and courage,

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