progress (FINALLY!)

little women copyProgress & the Latest Updates So, it's been almost a year since I first got this awful thing called Lyme. And for the first time, I'm happy to report that things are slowly getting better instead of the latter!

It's been almost four weeks since we actually started killing everything off. Prelim treatment went slowly but surely, but it definitely did its job in preparing my system for "battle!" We've been slowly working my way up to the full dosage of the antibiotics since they're so powerful, and  so far it's actually been going well!  I haven't had that many herx reactions, and when I have, they haven't been that severe.  Thank you all so much for your prayers- they have been honored!

They told me to not expect any results until a few weeks in, but even a week afterwards, I was able to go to SXSW, and the next week, I ran two miles-- running for the first time in almost six months! (I've missed it.)

Also, I had a series of doctor's appointments and tests last week to check the status of a lot of things. Some of the most important tests were a series of scans: one to see if a growth on my leg was malignant, and several brain/brain stem MRIs & MRAs.  All of those came clear, so thank goodness for no brain swelling!

When I went in for my checkup last week, my doctor was pleasantly surprised by my progress- they're very encouraged, and so am I! So, what are the next steps?

Next Steps

-Recovery will look like a sawtooth chart with an upward trend. Days don't just get better and better- I'll have a good day, good day, bad day, good day, bad day, etc. As I recover, my good days will get better and my bad days won't be as bad. But the trend will hopefully be upward- fingers crossed! I still do have a long ways to go, and the recovery process will be several months, but I'm thankful to be at a 50% instead of a 15% where I could only walk around Whole Foods for 15 minutes then call it a day.

^^ Sawtooth.

- Now that my MRI/MRAs are clear and my head swelling is going down, my mom & I are taking a couple of test flights to Austin to see how I do. Please pray my body's able to handle both the altitude and the depressurization of the plane this time! We're going to shoot for no ambulances for this one ;)

-If that goes according to plan, and if I'm still on an upward trend, I'm hoping to be back in the City in mid-May, and doctors think that's realistic. So, fingers crossed!  I plan on living fairly close to campus so I can rest during breaks if needed.

To clarify-- I still have my wonderful job at King's; I've just been on medical leave for the past two months, and they've been amazing. And even sent me an amazing care package, complete with all sorts of funny things (like with our viewbook modified to have all the students look like Nick Cage) because they're hilarious and wonderful. You know you have a great job when you're looking forward just to seeing your colleagues and students again!

What on earth have I been doing?

So, I've had a lot of people asking "so, what do you do all day?" Great question.  A lot, actually! Ends up being really sick is a full-time job. Why's that? Well, I am at the doctor an average of three days a week. So there's that. Not including the 24 hours I need to recover usually post-treatment, but when you're at the doctor that often, you have a lot of things to work out with the insurance company on a frequent basis!

Besides that, I'm on a really strict diet that requires me to cook most of my food at home, from scratch. When I'm not doing that, I'm working out (and by that, I mean walking & doing PT exercises) to keep up my strength so I don't lose any more muscle mass.

Life in Dallas

So, besides that, I've been relishing spending sweet time with my cherished family and being in the Lone Star State for a bit. It's amazing how the Lord can redeem any sickness and situation and use it for good.

Also, if you by chance have never met me, I love Watermark and jumped at the chance to hop back into community here. I've learned so much from the girls I've been able to get to know this year (a few old friends and a few new ones!), which I've loved.  I've been able to go to The Porch on Tuesday nights, too, which I've also missed. YOUNG ADULTS: listen to their talks & read the blog. It's definitely worth it.

community copy

Also, a couple of dear friends were in Dallas last weekend, Mark & Lauren, which made me so happy to see my people! 

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City-dwellers take advantage of Sonic at any time. Sometimes four times within a weekend.

Anyways, that's in short what's been happening here. As far as everything I've learned, that's for another blog post. But I am so thankful for wisdom that's come from this. The Lord has been so gracious and merciful in so many things.

I'm definitely not guaranteed a full recovery by any means, so right now I'm cherishing every good day without conditions and trusting the Lord with the rest.

All joy and courage,


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