Round two...or ten?



I'm not a fan of sharing the most intimate details of my life in a public domain. But, since I selfishly don't like telling the same story twice, especially when it comes to a topic I don't like, I'm referring people here. So, if you're reading this, thanks for listening, thanks for caring, thanks for reading!

Here's the latest health update:

I've basically been relapsing the past few weeks. We've run into a dead end using just the integrative medicine route, so after consulting many smart people, I'm giving the whole strong antibiotic thing a shot.Thankfully, being in New York allows me to see some of the top Lyme doctors since I'm a complicated case. There is a doctor upstate who is the President of the most reputable & largest association of LLMDs. This man knows his stuff.

So, last Wednesday I went upstate (and Cindy kindly joined! Shoutout to the coolest Mom out there) and saw my new doc.

Long story short, he was able to completely follow my health journey and we are totally on the same page. I can trust him and he trusts me because we both know our stuff. Good deal.

The treatment

So, Thursday was my first day of antibiotics. I'm starting off small and working my way up to avoid harmful reactions. It's crazy how I can feel it hit my body within minutes with the die-off symptoms (can there be another name for that please?). The protocol will involve some trial-and-error, and this is something that will take several months to get down.Lyme treatment, again, is similar to chemotherapy in that you have to put bad things in your body to get rid of the bad things. Therefore, I'll be expected to herx (read: feel worse) a lot throughout this process. Even though it's painful, it's actually supposed to be a good sign because it means it's working.

My doctor is hopeful, however, because I haven't been sick for as long as most of my peers. So there's a silver lining: a better chance of recovery.

Prayer Requests

Anyways, I'd love your prayers & encouragement. My body is worn out from fighting this for the past 18 months. It's exhausted from treatment. I'm exhausted. Well, at least today I am. Tomorrow could be different, and that's my hope.Another prayer request: please pray for no reactions this time. Please pray for no strokes, seizures, or fainting episodes.

Moving Forward

Again, this will take several months and I'm even preparing myself for a couple more years. I won't really be able to tell if anything's working for another few weeks or so.

In the meantime, I'm praising our Great God who is faithful in and out of season. And listening to this soundtrack like crazy:


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