the reason behind the silence

I'm back in Texas, it's 10:45 here but 8:45PST, so that means I'm writing a quick post -- please excuse any errors! 

I know I've been pretty radio silent for the past several months, and a lot of you probably thought I moved to LA (even though my Instagram may look like it!), but my involvement on POTA is now confirmed. The secret is finally out!

I can't explain many details for a while, but the trailer will give you a good idea :)

A lot of people have been asking: how has my sickness(es) been affected by this? Does this mean you're better?

Answer: HAHAHHAHAAAHAHAHHAHAA absolutely not.

This was actually my main motivation for doing this.

Let me explain: the main reason I agreed to apply/audition in the first place was not an opportunity to represent myself.

After I finally accepted my illness, I promised myself and the Good Lord that if I even got an ounce better, I'd devote my life to advocating for and representing people with disabilities and chronic/serious illnesses.

Welp, here I am. An ounce better and making good on my promise.

I did this to show our community that even if you're affected by the forever life-changing mack truck that is a scary diagnosis, you can still do amazing things.  You, yes you, are worthy of a life of purpose and beauty and dreams. It's going to be hard and tragic yet beautiful and brilliant and even more fulfilling than when you were healthy. Promise.

And yes, that might look different. Sometimes very different. You may need to work from home (i.e. your couch) a lot and only schedule 1-2 in person meetings a day and do the rest on the phone. You might have to start small, change career paths, or be honest when you can't stand up for more than ten minutes. And that's ok.

More details to come, but for now my lips are sealed. In the meantime, keep fighting the good fight, my friends. I'm on the frontlines for you. 

all my love,

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