video: the seven wonders of elise graham

videoupdate hi friends!

so i've been getting a lot of questions from people to remind them what all i've been diagnosed with. fair question. very fair question. even i often forget the entire list...ha!

so, i decided to do something different. since there is a LOT of explanation behind everything, i decided to just do a quick video on it -- less than ten minutes explaining everything that i have, what is related to lyme, and what isn't.

this whole "vlog" thing is new to me, and i am honestly doing it out of selfish reasoning (isn't this whole blog, really?!) since i don't have to type out the whole thing, hahaha. but really.


ps - could youtube not pick a better freeze frame? #notamused

the rundown of the big things:

  1. weird cluster of blood vessels on my arm (hereditary, nbd)
  2. weird growth on my leg (benign holla)
  3. dystonia - right and left arms, shoulders, and mostly hands (*not related to Lyme*)
  4. lyme disease and the coinfections: babesia, bartonella, tularemia
  5. EBV (mono, not contagious) *triggered by lyme, will get better once I get better
  6. POTS (heart condition that makes me pass out) *triggered by lyme, will get better once I get better
  7. elastic skin (so weird, i KNOW) - apparently i've had this ALL ALONG AND NEVER KNEW. how did I not know this?!

overall, something important to note: my motivation behind this is not to have people feel sorry for me -- that's the very last thing I want. if anything, i like to think i've had a pretty awesome life, so some of these interesting things can even provide, well, enhancement to it! it's not fun, but at the same time, i've had the opportunity to meet some of the most beautiful, resilient, and passionate people because of it. so that's pretty cool.

that's all for tonight! love to all!