vitamin-packed CHOCOLATE wonder smoothie!

vitamins1 If it seems that I'm really excited about this smoothie, it's because I am. This thing has so many dang vitamins, nutrients, and things to keep both your digestive and immune system powering it's amazing.

So, here's the story behind this AMAZING smoothie.  It comes from humble beginnings...

Remember the part when I mentioned I lost 15 pounds within two months? Yeah, losing weight is only fun when it's intentional. So, as soon as my doctor saw me later in January, she gave me one of these looks and made me immediately start eating medical food.

I cringed at even the term "medical food." I already wasn't eating anyways. "This cannot even be good," I thought to myself. And I was right.

Even though there are 3-4 different flavors, I naturally I ordered the one with the word chocolate in it. Chocolate Orange is the flavor, to be exact. The recommendation is to take it in water or even juice (gag). So, I tried both. Both terrible. Then, I finally tried Almond Milk. Not bad! Then, I decided to throw in some fruit in it and make a smoothie with it. SCORE!  So, with the past six months that I've been drinking this, I've slowly perfected this into a way where I get a meal, my vitamins, and CHOCOLATE.

smoothie So, I'll start with some of the BENEFITS of this smoothie:

1. Increased energy (seriously even without caffeine)

2. It's anti-inflammatory, meaning, the UltraInflamX powder was originally made for Crohn's patients. Since so many  This translates to: less colds, better digestion, better memory,  etc. etc. Don't believe me? Read the amazon reviews.

3. The ingredients in this can help repair your gut (digestive system). And keep in mind that 75% of your immune system is in your digestive system. So, this is very important!

4.  Repaired gut = losing weight! (This is if you're already healthy though, I'm not a miracle worker here.)

5. There's chocolate in it. No explanation necessary.

6. I just counted, and there's 40+ different vitamins in this beast of a thing. It's like a power punch of nutrients, including Tumeric + Ginger, which boost your digestive and immune system as well as metabolism.

Simply put, I notice a different when I don't have at least a couple of these each week.


So, for this smoothie, you'll need:

1. 2 ice cubes

2. About 1/3 of a frozen banana (don't freak out if you don't have one that's frozen, it's okay :))

3. A handful of blueberries (I usually do around 8-10), but if you don't have any, it's okay

4.  Unsweetened almond milk

5.  Ultra InflamX- Chocolate Orange Powder (I know it's expensive, but it's completely worth it! Plus, it'll last you several months. I've only had to buy one refill since January.)

6. D-Ribose Powder: This is a sugar-like substance used by both Chronic Fatigue patients (aka me) and athletes to help combat fatigue. This is noted as one of the most powerful combatants against fatigue out there- it gets to the source of it. You'll notice a different taking this 2-3x a day in about 3-4 weeks.

 Okay, so let's get cracking! Here's the best way to stack yo smoothie:

1. Add your ice cubes then the fruit

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2. Add about 1 cup of almond milk (add as needed if too thick) and your two powders. Already lookin' good!

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3. Blend away and await your delicious smoothie! 


And that's it! Enjoy that delicious thing!

So, let me say just a couple other things just so you know:

1. Compare it with your other vitamin regimen to make sure you're not getting too many of your fat-soluble vitamins. That would not be good.

2. There is very little protein in this smoothie. You may want to pair it with some other type of actual protein later in the day or maybe some GF toast + almond butter.

3. Okay, okay, so I know that the Ribose and InflamX powders are expensive. I get it. But, this is not just snake oil. It lasts you a long time, and the health benefits are worth it. If you really don't want to use them, just use a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder and liquid stevia to taste. Should be similar.

4. #Lymies, if you're on a sugar-free diet, this has just a tad bit of sugar- not a ton by any means. This was the only sugar I consumed for months while in treatment, and it's worth it.


Do you have any go-to smoothie recipes? Do share!

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